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Want to learn about the modes and differences between them?
EasyNormal HardGod

Easy Mode

In easy mode, your character is free to run around to their heart's content. No limit on energy or inventory, you can carry everything you pick up and sell as much to the shop owners, their money bags are bottomless. This mode is great for players new to Questionable Glory or who just want to explore without limitations. Mobs are easier, leveling is quicker, gold is aplenty. An NPC named Jack will hold your hand as you learn how to play the game. No random occurances to catch you off guard, no injuries other than losing HP, get used to QG without getting your ass handed to you.

On the down side, there also isn't as much to do. Fewer NPCs and quests, fewer array of items. No dungeons or raids, no item sets or buffs, certain skills are limited. Easy mode is meant to familiarize the player with gameplay and locations.

When you are comfortable with gameplay and want to move onto Normal mode, go back to Jack in the town center of Kutina and ask to move on. He will send you on a quest to ensure you've learned enough about the game to move on. Check in with him as you progress and once he deems you worthy, you'll be upgraded to Normal. You will lose your level and stats! You will be reset, but keep your inventory and gold to help you with equipment costs to fight the now harder monsters.